Alion Storm Tracker®

The Alion Storm Tracker is a ballasted single-axis tracker with optional automated cleaning robots for soiling & albedo control.


  • Fully ballasted for sites with challenging geotechnical conditions
  • Accommodates sites with uneven slopes with its articulated drive tube
  • Uses substantially less steel than leading torque tube trackers
  • Uses 30% more panels per drive than typical torque tube systems
  • Enables Alion’s automated SPOT panel cleaning system (see information for SPOT)
  • Compatible with framed or frameless modules, including thin film, and bifacial panels
  • High wind zone capable




System Information

The patent pending Alion Storm Tracker uses a continuous, jointed concrete track that supports a distributed structure for inherently high stiffness. A drive tube transmits torque from a row-based motor and slew drive to a series of gears that rotate each tracker section. The patent pending Storm Lock mechanism locks the tracker in a stow position, enabling a lower-cost drive and structure. Major parts are factory pre-assembled to reduce field labor and field construction time.



Single-axis rotation greater than +/- 60°
Ballasted system can traverse up to 15% slope
A single drive can operate up to 145 72-cell modules




Strong A-Frame and Arc Structure
Storm-Lock disengages drive system during high-wind events. Enables longer strings for 10% CAPEX savings.


 Geared design enables smaller drives to control longer rows



Enhanced bifacial gains from 3-dimensional reflective foundations


 More stable and durable high albedo surfaces maintained at lower annual costs




Lower bifacial rear-side pv cell shading loss than torque tube trackers





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The Most Power from PV

Alion Energy provides the best tracker, kept clean to deliver the most energy and ballasted to perform in the most challenging sites.

Maximize Energy Yield

Reflective, ballasted foundations, paired with automated cleaning solutions, plus a durable, high wind capable tracker design, improve energy yield and protect against performance loss.

Lowest Solar LCOE

Alion Energy builds local, utility scale projects faster and for lower cost, while producing more energy yield than standard pv tracker projects. Generate higher returns with the lowest cost of power in the industry.