About Alion

About Alion

Founded in 2008, Alion Energy has fundamentally redesigned the way utility scale solar is built and maintained.


As an innovative mounting technologies and O&M solutions provider, Alion Energy combines fixed tilt and single axis tracker technology with fully autonomous O&M robotics to guarantee maximum power generation at lowest possible overall cost from PV systems.


This required rethinking the entire installation process and structure from the ground up, not simply making incremental improvements to existing racking systems, to develop utility scale solutions designed to extend system life and integrate fully autonomous O&M robotics.   


No other can use a single robot to perform dry or wet cleaning on 5MW+ systems autonomously, while using robust concrete mounting structures to extend system life to 50 years even in harsh environments.  


Alion Energy. The Most Power from PV.






The Most Power from PV

Alion Energy provides the best tracker, kept clean to deliver the most energy and ballasted to perform in the most challenging sites.

Maximize Energy Yield

Reflective, ballasted foundations, paired with automated cleaning solutions, plus a durable, high wind capable tracker design, improve energy yield and protect against performance loss.

Lowest Solar LCOE

Alion Energy builds local, utility scale projects faster and for lower cost, while producing more energy yield than standard pv tracker projects. Generate higher returns with the lowest cost of power in the industry.