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Bifacial shines as PV power booster in cloudy conditions

CROWS NEST, NSW, AUSTRALIA September 18, 2020 – Ecogeneration Magazine: US solar tracking company Alion Energy explains the results of research that shows how premium equipment can reap respectable yields from non-premium sites     Read more


PV Magazine - The long read: Bottom-optimization

SYDNEY, NSW AUSTRALIA September 12, 2020 – Alion Energy featured in PV Magazine’s September issue discussing bifacial optimization.  To drive the LCOE as low as possible, tracker manufacturers now also care about what is happening underneath the modules, and not just above.   Read more


PES Magazine - Yield is King

BRISTOL, ENGLAND July 1, 2020 – Alion Energy featured in Power & Energy Solutions Magazine’s 

Ask the Experts – Trackers   Read more


Alion Energy’s Solar Energy Storm Tracker Chosen For 62MWp Vales Point Coal Ash Dam

NEW YORK, USA & ADELAIDE, SA, AUSTRALIA November 5, 2019  - Enernet Global and Delta Electricity signed a power purchase agreement for the sale of 87GWh of energy to be generated from a 62 MW solar farm at the 52-year old, 1,320 MW Vales Point coal-fired power station. Alion Energy’s StormTracker® will be the exclusive single-axis solar tracker solution for the solar farm.    Read more


Fully Ballasted Solar Tracker and Cleaning Robots to be Implemented in Chile

RICHMOND, CA June 15, 2018 – Alion Energy announces supply of its StormTracker® and SPOT robotic cleaning system for iEnergía’s 3.6MW Calle Larga project.  Located approximately 75km north of Santiago, Chile.      

Read more






The Most Power from PV

Alion Energy provides the best tracker, kept clean to deliver the most energy and ballasted to perform in the most challenging sites.

Maximize Energy Yield

Reflective, ballasted foundations, paired with automated cleaning solutions, plus a durable, high wind capable tracker design, improve energy yield and protect against performance loss.

Lowest Solar LCOE

Alion Energy builds local, utility scale projects faster and for lower cost, while producing more energy yield than standard pv tracker projects. Generate higher returns with the lowest cost of power in the industry.