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Below are some featured stories on how Alion Energy is accelerating solar energy:


A Staff of Robots Can Clean and Install Solar Panels

Alion Energy is ready to use its machines in three projects in the next few months in California, Saudi Arabia and China. If all goes well, executives expect that they can help bring the price of solar electricity into line with that of natural gas by cutting the cost of building and maintaining large solar installations.


Reducing Solar PV Lifecycle Costs — Automated PV Plant Construction and Module Cleaning

[Alion Energy] has the potential to substantially lower installation times and costs through standardized and automated development processes that use fewer components. From an O&M perspective, the firm’s cleaning robots offer a means for maintaining higher panel efficiencies, particularly in challenging, dusty desert settings.



Frost & Sullivan

2013 North American Solar Energy Market Price Performance Value Leadership Award

“Alion Energy’s disruptive robotic installation technology lowers solar’s electricity costs to price points that can compete with other energy sources such as natural gas,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Manager Vishal Sapru. “Alion Energy’s technology gives utilities the flexibility to diversify their generation portfolio and add more solar to their total generation mix.”


Mounting Systems: Is Concrete Next?

At Intersolar North America, solar PV mounting systems manufacturers presented interesting innovations and new designs. One novel approach to reducing the cost of metal structural materials in mounting systems came from Alion Energy, which is now demonstrating its ground-oriented mounting system made of extruded concrete, into which panels are epoxied. The company uses one proprietary robot to form the concrete and affix the modules, and then uses another robot, when needed, to ride the concrete rail and clean the modules.


greentech media
Solar 2.0, The Rise of the Robots

Alion Energy wants to automate solar PV power plant construction.


Sequoia-backed Alion Seeks Funding for Solar-Installing Robots
Alion, based in Richmond, California, is developing machinery that automates the installation of solar farms, reducing required labor by as much as 75 percent and doing the work twice as fast as a normal crew.


San Francisco Chronicle
Robots Cut Solar Construction Costs

Robots designed to install concrete frames, clean panels in utility-scale power projects.


The Business of Robotics
California Company Says Robots Can Aid Solar Farm Efficiency

This week, California company Alion Energy announced its intent to push for efficiency in an entirely different area through the introduction of a two-part automated solution to the construction and maintenance of large-scale solar energy farms.


Renewable Energy World
Automating Solar PV Installation with Alion Energy Robots

Alion Energy has officially transformed from its origins in thin-film manufacturing, to now offering a way to significantly streamline utility-scale solar plant construction, using robots.


Electric Light & Power
Speeding up solar power

This company’s process builds solar photovoltaic panels into a sort of ramp structure that uses fewer materials to put together than other methods, and the entire process is done with robots.

The Most Power from PV

Alion Energy provides the best tracker, kept clean to deliver the most energy and ballasted to perform in the most challenging sites.

Maximize Energy Yield

Automated cleaning solutions, established installation techniques and proven construction materials improve energy yield and protect against performance loss.

Lowest Solar LCOE

Alion Energy builds local, utility scale projects faster and for lower cost, while producing more energy yield than standard fixed-tilt projects. Generate higher returns with the lowest cost of power in the industry.